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Nidhi Maheshwari

Maldives – A Dream Honeymoon Destination


It’s a six month old anecdote. Like any other to be married couples, my fiancé and I were cracking our heads to find an exclusive and ideal destination to meet the actual purpose of honeymoon – spend quality time together to know each other and restore ourselves from the marriage lag. After having traveled through the world map, doing all kind of research, reaching out to travel planners/agents, I failed to decide on one particular place – every place seemed so romantic and ideal for newly wed. Hence, I handed over the responsibility to my consort.

Now, his shoulder was burdened with a responsibility of planning a trip and I was aware of the fact that he is a bad planner (he had mentioned it earlier). After several discussions and homework from his end, he chose the place and did all the booking from Thomas cook, but kept it as a surprise until the previous day of our travel. MALDIVES 🙂

I was a little skeptical about the place because both of us can’t swim and Maldives is all about shades of water. However, with lots of excitement we were all set to fly and dive (at least in our minds).

We had connecting flight from Chennai to Sri Lanka and then from Sri-Lanka to Male. As our flight lowered to land at Male airport our hearts skipped a beat and smile broadened looking at the view outside – enchanting shades of blue everywhere. My heart was already pleased with his choice. We had our bookings in Sun Island Resort & Spa for 6 nights & 7 days. We were supposed to commute to the Island in Water jet but due to some technical issues we were taken through speedboat. Well! All that happens, happens for good. We enjoyed the thrilling high and low waves in the ocean until speedboat came to halt at final destination.

There stood group of staff from the resort to greet us with the most pleasant smile and warm towel to clean our dirt-ridden face, then we were escorted to the lounge for the briefing about the place and finally were headed towards our room. Since my Mister wanted to give me a lifetime experience he had booked two different types of room – Beach facing & Water-Bungalow for 3 days each. Adorned bed with flower petals that read “Happy Honeymooning” gave fluttering sensation in my stomach. I was like – It’s finally happening. Without wasting even a single minute, I started to explore our room right from bathroom with open shower (well-designed for couples) to the other side of the room that opened to the beach. Same happened when we reach to Water Bungalow 3 days later. There we had a staircase in our balcony that led us directly to the clean, transparent and serene blue water.


Well! Now let me cut short the story and give you the zest of our experience. What do you do when you see your dream coming true? You begin to live each and every moment, and also capture it in your phone to relive them every time you open your gallery. Yes! We began to do the same. We spent major time of our vacation floating in the blue water – splattering water on each other, clicking pictures, kissing and hugging under the sky and rejoicing each other’s company. We spend our evenings watching beautiful long-tailed Sting Rays fed by staff at the Resort, followed by Shark feeding. Sharks, albeit looked scary but it was mesmerizing to see them so closely, gulping n number of fishes at one go. Later half of the evening we would spend either playing various indoor games like Dart, Badminton, Pool or Squash or enjoying various entertainment activities organized by host for their guest. One show I vividly remember is the Fakir Show, as my husband woke me up from deep sleep to watch that show and it turned out to be boring (though guy in the show looked hot). I must mention here other than badminton, I learned all the above cited sports from my partner in that short span and that helped us to come close to each other. One evening we dedicated to pamper our body and soul and got Happy Couple Spa done. Good hot oil body massage followed by spending quality time together in hot water tub was surely very rejuvenating.

Now that we had explored almost every nook and corner of the resort only unexplored zone was water sports. Albeit, both of us were keen to try them but our water phobic personalities didn’t give us enough motivation to do so. One stormy morning we planned to at least go and check that zone too. There we happened to meet an instructor who had been there for very long time and had scores of stories and experiences to share. No sooner he realized that we had not tried any of the sports, he encouraged us to try Jet Ski and promised us 100% life safety. Under his assurance, we turn wise got into the Jet Ski, rode it through the stormy waves reaching a distance where we lost each other’s sight to getting back to dock with sense of accomplishment.

Hey wait! Amidst all the other experiences I almost forgot to talk about the most important thing – guess?? Yes! You are right, FOOD. So as per our package, our meals were arranged at two different restaurants, Southern Restaurant & Maaniya Restaurant. Both the restaurants were nicely adorned with dim lights and had wide-spread of cuisines (each cuisine had its own section and had name plates for the convenience of the guest). The menu was rightly designed to please the taste-buds of both the vegetarians & non-vegetarians. Irony here is, even after having several options at my disposal I mired to toast & butter for breakfast and pasta for meals. But after being coerced by my husband I tried different types of food, enjoyed multiple types of desserts. That was the time when we got to meet and talk to people from different countries, admire their dress sense and emulate their cheerfulness. Even the staffs deployed at the resort were very amiable and helpful. All thanks to them, for taking our beautiful pictures.

All in all, our entire trip to Maldives was a splendid experience. Right from basking in the sun to admiring the glittering stars, from spending hours on swing to romancing amidst woods and from long walks to heart-warming talks, every moment is worth re-living.

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