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Nidhi Maheshwari

7 Things you should know before you buy your next skin product

Hoarding skin-care products and cosmetics like there is no tomorrow and then realising there was no actual requirement. Doesn’t this happen to us all the time? Well brands play their cards by deliberately baiting our hearts with the most fancy and enticing packaging. We not only end up splurging a lot on cosmetics and skin products, but also damage our skin extensively by using the products with very little or no knowledge about our skin type and products best suited for our skin.

I have ruined my skin in many ways by using products based on their packaging, sales speech or recommendations. So, from my experience here are the 7 important things every girl should consider before investing on products

  1. Know your skin type

You’ve to come in terms with the fact that not every product in the store is meant for you. Know your skin type, know the formulation/ingredients that works on your skin type and then make your purchases. (To know about your skin type look out for my next post).

2Read or watch reviews

Develop a habit of comparing the reviews of the products with same formulation, ingredients and properties but from different brands to understand which brand has good feedback and has shown effective results for your skin type. Look for the reviews from a person who has reviewed the product after using it for say min 20 days. Also, check reviews from different websites for 100% satisfaction. You can also watch unpaid review videos from different bloggers.

3. Check the expiry date

Look for the expiry date of the products before you swipe your card. Date of expiry is mentioned on the skin care products. But in case of cosmetics, look for the open jar symbol on the product, it indicates the number of months within which product should be used after opening. Looking for expiry plays crucial role when you buy products on sale.

4. DIY’s

With the given digital reach, every day our feed is flooded with DIY videos and post for flawless skin. However, it’s important for you to keep your skin type in mind before you blindly follow what is being shared. Same is applicable for the cosmetics.  Learn the tips and tricks from the person in the video, but remember the techniques and tones of products may differ from person to person.

5.Quality products comes with a price

This is true to some extend for makeup brands. The end results of the makeup done with products from premium brand are always few notches higher than the one done with drug-store products. However, a lot of pocket-friendly alternatives are available for every premium brands. But, in case of skin care more than brand it’s important to check the formulation or ingredients that are suitable for your skin type.

6.Consult a Dermatologist

For any persistent skin related concern like acne, pigmentation, severe dark circles, visit a dermatologist over a home-made remedies or self-medication. Lot of times, skin problems maybe outcome of the various underlying health issues such PCOS/PCOD in girls, diabetes, thyroid etc. and has to be addressed with proper medication.

7.Daily Rituals

Research says, it takes 21 days for a person to develop any habit. Like wisely, for any product to work on your skin and show results you must follow a daily skin-care regime and avoid switching from one to another brand frequently. Frequent change of product may cause serious damages to your skin.

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