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Nidhi Maheshwari

Here is everything you need to know about FOUNDATIONS

Do you remember browsing through the pictures from your life events and saying ‘Damn! Why does my makeup look so bad’? It didn’t feel like it was you and something felt absolutely off beat.

9 out of 10 times it is the baseof your makeupi.e. corrector, concealer or foundation.

Lot of you maybe be familiar with the term FOUNDATION, but corrector and concealer may sound little confusing to neophytes. I promise to share my knowledge about correctors and concealers in my future blogs but this blog focuses on diving deeper into the subject that we’re already familiar with i.e. FOUDATION.

Foundation Myth Buster

Okay! It’s time to break the myth. Foundations are not meant to make you look fairer than your complexion but to even out all the imperfections such as pigmentation, acne marks, etc. Making a clean canvas with foundation makes the application of other products like blush, contour, highlighter, etc. easy and all that effort that you put on eye makeup gets highlighted.

LEARNING: Next time don’t use a foundation with the intention to look fair, but make it a reason for you to feel confident in your own skin. Achieving a flawless base is going to be cakewalk if you select a foundation based on the below three dimensions.

Alike skin care products even the foundations should be picked based on your skin type. Picking a right shade and type of foundation that provides coverage based on your skin requirement is absolutely important. There is no substitute to this. So without wasting much time let’s quickly jump into identifying the foundation meant for your skin type.

Like music is the key to fun-filled Saturday nights, skin preparation is the key to flawless makeup base. Miss eating but not prepping your skin. It acts like a protective layer between your skin and your makeup. It also makes blending of products easy.

Using a mattyfying primer helps in controlling excess oil secretion and pore-minimizer primer helps in minimizing the appearances of the pores.

Now let’s look at the second dimension – COVERAGE. Foundations are meant to provide certain level of coverage to even out the imperfections. It might either be formulated to provide light to medium coverage or medium to full coverage based on the requirement.

If you’re one of those blessed angel with no flaw or minimal flaws pick a foundation that provides light to medium coverage. But if you fall in a category that wakes up every morning with some or other uninvited zits or marks on the face, like me, then choose a foundation that provides medium to full coverage.

Since ‘less is more’ is the new normal in makeup, always start with little product and later build on it if you feel the need.

Now let’s look at the last but the most important dimension of a foundation – SHADE.

Can you think of an incident(s) when you either looked fairer or darker than your complexion? Happened with me a lot many times, but the one that I can vividly think of at this moment is my wedding day makeup. I looked completely different. Where does one go wrong?  We pick the wrong shade of foundation.

Every human on earth has an undertone – warm, cool or neutral. To match our undertones even the foundations have an undertone. So, to get the foundation shade right it is important for you to figure out your undertones. Talking about undertones at this point might confuse you. Hence, please look out for my next blog to understand about undertones.

Meanwhile, here is a simple hack tocrack your shade selection.

-Take testers of the three shades of foundation that visually look closer to your skin colour. Draw parallel lines on your jawline (not on back of wrist) with the foundations that you chose.

-Then look in the mirror below white light or day light to out find which shade closely matches to your upper chest. The shade closet to your chest colour is the right shade of foundation for you. In case if you still don’t find your shade, mix two shades and swatch in on other side of the face.

I know that was too much of information, but once you find the right foundation, rest everything will become a child’s play.

Look beautiful and stay tuned for more makeup tips and tricks. Till then take care.

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