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Nidhi Maheshwari

5 Makeup Essentials Every Girl Must Have

From makeup lover to no makeup lover, every girl wants to look their best when stepping out of the house. But on days when we’re feeling grumpy or running late, putting up makeup might sound like a task. For all such days and beyond, here is a list of 5 products that can instantly brighten up your face and lighten your mood without overloading your handbag.

  1. BB cream : “Blemish Balm” is a blessing for girls who are not makeup fiends. BB cream is formulated in a manner that works both as moisturizer and foundation. It helps to even out the skin complexion and provides instant radiance to the skin. Pick a shade that matches closely to your skin tone and skin type.
  1. Kajal : Thanks to our moms for adding this product to our daily beauty routine since our childhood days. It can be used both as kajal and eyeliner and the same can be blended with a ring finger to create one of the most loved eye-makeup ‘smokey eyes’. Kajal instantly adds life to our weary face.
  1. Mascara : For once you can do without kajal, but not mascara. 2 coats of mascara on the lashes can immediately add twinkle to the eyes. Best kill happens through beautiful eyes.
  1. Eye-brow pencil : Believe it or not, defining eyebrows can be a game changer. Filling the gaps between the eyebrows  with the shade that closely matches hair colour, accentuates the face shape and eye makeup.
  1. Lipstick : Like pizza is incomplete without cheese, makeup is incomplete without lipstick. Application of lipstick brightens up the face at once. It can be used on the cheeks as a blush and on eyelids as eyeshadow, thus making it a multipurpose must have product in your kit.

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